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What does MVHR do and how does it work?

Date: 11 July 2018

What does MVHR do and how does it work?

Building a modern home throws up many challenges and decisions that perhaps you are not fully aware of before you start the build process.

One important consideration is how you plan to ventilate your property.

This is even more important if you are building an airtight home, especially if you are investing in a high level of insulation or triple glazed windows etc. Mechanical ventilation allows for fresh clean air to be distributed into habitable rooms while stale moist air is removed, with this air change happening continuously throughout your home.

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(MVHR) Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Installing (MVHR) Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery is the ideal solution for ventilating properties with high levels of air tightness. Not only does it provide the required ventilation rates, but also incorporates heat exchange to provide a highly energy efficient solution. The concept of an MVHR system is to bring fresh air from the outdoors into the unit and at the same time extract warm moist air from wet rooms within the home. Both airflows will pass through a filter and then a heat exchanger where heat is transferred from the extracted air to the fresh filtered air that is then distributed to living areas within the home.

This process of air movement – extracting stale moist air from wet rooms and distributing clean fresh filtered air to living areas, is a continuous process resulting in the air within the house changing completely approximately every 2 hours (dependent on fan speeds). Ventilation, therefore, provides a method of improving air quality within the home, which can bring numerous health benefits.

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MVHR v’s Air Conditioning

MVHR is not to be confused with air conditioning – the process of warming or cooling air that is already present in the room. As MVHR facilitates air movement, and the exchange of heat that is already present within the home, it will NOT cool the air or heat the air to a temperature greater than that already existing inside the house. A system provided by BEAM does include a Summer Bypass facility – whereby the incoming air avoids being warmed in the heat exchanger. This, however, will still NOT cool the air within the home that has been generated by extremely high solar gain – it would be best to open a window to help in this situation.

Find out more about MVHR or get in touch with an expert who can answer all your questions and provide recommendations on what mechanical ventilation system will work best for your home comfort.

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