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6 Reasons why you should install a BEAM Central Vacuum System

Date: 19 October 2017

6 Reasons why you should install a BEAM Central Vacuum System

Are you in the process of building a new home? It’s a big job, with a lot to consider from costs and benefits to fixtures and fittings. At BEAM Vacuum & Ventilation we want to help you understand why a BEAM Central Vacuum System as a must have appliance in your new home.

1. Health Benefits

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems for allergy sufferers. Using a BEAM Central Vacuum System in your home is clinically proven to improve the indoor air quality by up to 52%. How? The BEAM Central Vacuum System power unit is located is located away from the point of cleaning (i.e. in a garage or utility room), so there’s no recirculated dust in the home which you would typically get if you were dragging around a portable vacuum cleaner. All dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens are removed from the living areas directly to the vacuum power unit, leaving the air you breathe completely free of harmful irritants.

Central Vacuum Systems are ideal to install with Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems where you are assured of clean air, even after vacuuming.

2. Convenience

Vacuuming your new home will be so much easier. It’s simply a case of inserting the 9m lightweight hose to one of the strategically located inlets in the wall, and control the suction from the variable speed switch on the hose handle. Vacuuming the kitchen gets even easier too! Every BEAM Central Vacuum System comes with a VACPAN®, an automatic dustpan built into your kitchen. Just activate it by switching it on with your toe, sweep the floor debris up and watch it disappear. No more stooping or bending to use a dustpan!
The vacuum inlets are strategically located in central locations, typically allowing you to vacuum several rooms from one inlet – no finding plugs etc.


3. Lightweight

Vacuuming in the home is typically a chore that many of us would like to do as little as possible. Who likes the hassle of lifting and carrying about a heavy portable vacuum cleaner, trying to avoid banging it off the doors and taking chunks out of the furniture.
With a BEAM Central Vacuum System, you are guaranteed lightweight vacuuming, as all you need to carry is the lightweight cleaning hose.


4. Less Noise

With a BEAM Central Vacuum System, the power unit is located in a utility room or garage, meaning you’ll never have to listen to a noisy vacuum motor while vacuuming again, as the motor noise is eliminated from the point of cleaning. That means you can continue with your phone call, keep watching the television, or even vacuum while the children are asleep!


5. Power & Performance

Power is undoubtedly one of the key measures of performance, and it’s common to think that the greater the motor power in Watts, the better the performance. However, there are other things to consider. Waterlift refers to how much water the motor will lift vertically, and airflow is the force of the air movement across the surface where the dirt is picked up. These all therefore contribute to the total power and performance.
A BEAM Central Vacuum System offers industrial strength suction, delivering up to 5 times more power than portable vacuum cleaners. In addition, a BEAM Central Vacuum System is exempt from any EU regulations on power consumption, so you will always have that extra power.


6. The Tools 

To get the job done correctly you need to have the right tools. Different floor surfaces require different accessories for best results. All BEAM Central Vacuum Systems include a combi-floor brush that can alternate between hard and carpeted floor areas, a soft dusting brush, a hard floor brush, an upholstery brush, and a crevice tool for those tight spaces. Taking these to a whole new level, the BEAM Alliance range comes complete with an exclusive 3-in-1 cleaning tool – incorporating a dusting brush, fabric tool and a crevice. 
When building a new home, you’ll want to add both value and convenience. A BEAM Central Vacuum System offers both through its ease of use, extensive health benefits, and is “Designed to last a Housetime©”. It will be the last vacuum you ever buy!
Why not get in touch and speak with one of our experts about how a BEAM Central Vacuum System can benefit your new home, or read more on our website about the benefits of a BEAM Central Vacuum System.