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Annual Stock Take Notice:

The Beam warehouse will be closed from Tuesday 28th at 12pm to 1st April to facilitate our annual stock take. All orders received between these dates will be dispatched on Monday 3rd April.

Annual Stock Take Notice:

The Beam warehouse will be closed from Tuesday 28th at 12pm to 1st April to facilitate our annual stock take. All orders received between these dates will be dispatched on Monday 3rd April.

10 Reasons why you need a Beam Central Vacuum System in your new Dream Home!

Date: 14 January 2022

10 Reasons why you need a Beam Central Vacuum System in your new Dream Home!

When building a new home you always want the latest technology and most convenient appliances to make everyday living stress-free. Innovative design developments have made a BEAM Central Vacuum System the most technically advanced built-in vacuum cleaning system available. 

1. Lightest & Most Convenient Vacuum to Use

Vacuuming in the home is typically a chore that many of us would like to do as little as possible! Who likes the hassle of lifting and carrying about a heavy portable vacuum cleaner, trying to avoid banging it off the doors and taking chunks out of the furniture? 

However, with a BEAM Central Vacuum System, you are guaranteed lightweight vacuuming as there's no vacuum cleaner to drag or push around. 

Just insert the 9m lightweight hose into one of the strategically located inlets in the wall and control the suction from the switch on the hose handle. The vacuum wall inlets are located in central locations in the house, allowing you to vacuum several rooms from one inlet – quick to use and no finding plugs! 

The NEW BEAM Retractable Hose Management System goes one step further as the hose is stored in the walls of the house and you only need to pull out the length of hose required to vacuum the area. This means you don’t have to worry about storing the hose or carrying it around the house – what more could you want! 

Beam Built in Vacuum with Retractable Hose Management System

2. No more dusty air when vacuuming - Perfect for Asthma & Allergy Sufferers

Indoor air pollution is one of the most common problems for allergy sufferers. Only a BEAM Central Vacuum System  in your home is clinically proven to improve the indoor air quality by up to 52%. How? The vacuum power unit is located away from the point of cleaning (typically in a garage or utility room), so there’s no recirculated dust in the home which you would normally get if you were using a portable vacuum cleaner. All dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens are removed from the living areas directly to the vacuum power unit, leaving the air you breathe completely free from harmful irritants. 

And did you know that a BEAM Central Vacuum System is ideal to install with a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) system where you are assured of clean indoor air, even after vacuuming?

3. No Recharging!

Power at your fingertips will make vacuuming your home a breeze! Unlike portable or cordless vacuums, you will never need to charge up your BEAM! With unlimited power right at your fingertips, vacuuming is quicker than ever before. No more waiting on long re-charging times, so you can vacuum for hours if you really want! 

Need to see it to believe it? - Contact our Beam Experts to request your free product demonstration today at our head office showroom. 

4. No More Noisy VacuumsNoise level comparison to Beam Central Vacuum System

As a BEAM Central Vacuum power unit is located away from living areas you’ll never have to listen to a noisy motor while vacuuming again. That means you can continue with your phone call, keep watching the television, or even vacuum while the children are asleep! 


5. Powerful Vacuum Suction

We all want a powerful vacuum, right? Why have a vacuum that makes the cleaning process laborious by having to keep vacuuming the same area repeatedly in order to pick up dust and debris? Life’s too short for that! A BEAM Central Vacuum System offers industrial strength suction, delivering up to 50% more suction than portable vacuum cleaners - and it’s totally compliant with EU directives on power consumption.  

6. Kitchen Dustpan for Everyday Use

For many people, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where family and friends gather together and so it can very easily become the messiest room in the home, and needs cleaned daily (at least!). With every BEAM Central Vacuum System comes a kitchen vacpan, an automatic dustpan built into the kickboard in your kitchen or utility room. To activate it simply switch it on with your toe, use a brush to sweep the debris up to it and watch it disappear instantly. The ultimate convenience for everyday use – you'll wonder how you survived without it. 

Vacpan for Beam Central Vacuum Systems

7. Long Lasting & Low Maintenance

High performance, low maintenance is music to any homeowners' ears. And with a BEAM system, there’s very little maintenance required. Just empty the bin 2-3 times a year - the bin of a BEAM unit can hold up to 25 litres of dust and debris, that’s some vacuuming! 

The power unit houses a self-cleaning filter which we recommend is changed every 5-6 years to help prolong the life of the motor. Many homeowners throughout Ireland and UK have enjoyed using their BEAM system for over 40 years, by carrying out this filter change – now that’s value for money! 

8. Ideal for New Homes Under Construction 

During the house building process there are many factors to consider and decisions to be made, but have you thought about the vacuum you are going to need to vacuum your home so early on in the process? A BEAM Central Vacuum is ducted along the walls and floors and is installed at 1st and 2nd fix stage of a house build. 

Read all about what happens at 1st and 2nd fix when building a home: 

In some cases, the system can be retrofitted into existing homes with some builders works required – so if you are interested in a site survey, contact us today.  

9. Vacuum Floor Brushes & Accessories for Every SurfaceMan Vacuuming Living room sofa with Beam Central Vacuum

A BEAM Central Vacuum comes with multiple floor accessories, used to deep clean carpets, upholstery and draperies alongside all your wooden and tiled flooring. Why not have the most convenient vacuum system built into your home? 

  • The premium combi floor tool is a brush that adjusts to vacuum hard floors and carpets simply with a flip of the toe switch. 
  • The crevice tool is designed for vacuuming in narrow spaces such as underneath cabinets, skirting boards.  
  • The upholstery brush is perfect for cleaning sofas, curtains and other soft furnishings. The handy brush is even suitable for vacuuming mattresses - perfect for a good night's sleep. 
  • The dusting brush is designed with soft bristles to easily clean lampshades, window areas, pictures frames etc. The ultimate accessory for removing dust from all those easily forgotten places. 

10. A Vacuum System Designed to Last a Housetime

When building a new home, you want both value and convenience. A BEAM Central Vacuum System offers both through its ease of use, extensive health benefits and is "Designed to last a Housetime©." It will be the last vacuum you buy! 

We have been installing BEAM Central Vacuum Systems into homes in Ireland and UK since 1977. We know we have the most powerful, quiet and convenient vacuum cleaning system available, but don't just take our word for it - check out what our customers have to say!

Why not get in touch and speak with one of our experts about how a Beam Central Vacuum System can benefit your new build, or read more on our website about the benefits of a Beam Central Vacuum System.